2024 Clun Forest Lambs   

    Updated: Feb 27th 2024

       The first lambs of our 11th lamb crop @ Sunbonnet Farm are here!   Four handsome little rams and 2 beautiful ewes. We will have more lambs born in mid Spring.
This year we should have lambs from 4 of our rams and as always their mothers are our top ewes.

     Photos of the lambs will be posted below shortly.

      2024 Lamb Prices  Coming Soon

     Contact us for more information on available lambs: sunbonnetfarm@gmail.com

   Our past Lamb Crop pages - Photos of all our past lambs

   (click the links below to see photos of our past lambs):     

Ewe and LambTwin Lambs


    Dusty x SBF Eroica Twin Rams

      Born: Feb 16th

     Lamb#1 - Ram

     Lamb#2 - Ram

    Soot x Lily Of The Valley Twins

     Born: Jan 26th

    Lamb#1- Ram Lamb#2 - Ewe

   Soot x MintChip Twins

     Born: Jan 27th

     Lamb#1- Ram:

    Lamb#2 - Ewe: