2023 Clun Forest Lambs   

    Updated: Sept 15th 2023

       Our 2023 lambs are here! We have 16 lovely lambs.
 We have lambs from all 5 of our rams this year and their mothers are our top ewes.

     Photos of the 2023 lambs are posted below. The photos are of the lambs at varying ages.
      2023 Lamb Prices

     Ram Lambs: $250 each (2 available)
     Ewe Lamb: $325
     Wether Lamb: $175

     Contact us for more information on available lambs: sunbonnetfarm@gmail.com

      Click the links below for new photos of the 2023 lambs

      New 2023 Photos!!!

   Our past Lamb Crop pages - Photos of all our past lambs

   (click the links below to see photos of our past lambs):     

Ewe and LambTwin Lambs


    WFM Stellar x SBF Eroica Twin Rams

      Born: April 8th

     Lamb#1 - Ram (wether): 'MARS'

     Lamb#2 - Ram (wether): 'Sir Alfred Wallops'

           Sold to Joanna

    'WFM Stellar' x 'WFM Filleta' Ewe

     Born: April 9th  - Staying @ Sunbonnet Farm
     NACFA Registration Pending

   'WFM Brahm' x 'SBF Honeyberry' Twins

     Born: April 29th
     NACFA Registration Pending

     Lamb#1- Ewe :  'SBF Honeybee'

      Staying @ Sunbonnet Farm

Honeyberry's twins

    Lamb#2 - Ram:

     Staying @ Sunbonnet Farm

RamHoneyberry's twins

    'WFM Brahm' x 'Princess' Ewe

       Born: May 6th - Staying @ Sunbonnet Farm

     'WFM Aries' x 'Rosetta' Twins

       Born: April 15th

      Lamb#1 - Ram

       For Sale - $250

     Lamb#2 - Ewe: 'Tiki'

      Sold to Joanna

     'WFM Aries' x 'Amber' Twins

        Born: April 21st

        Lamb#1 - Ram

         For Sale - $250

      Lamb#2 - Ewe: 'Buttercup'

      Sold to Joanna

    'WFM Silvestri' x 'Lily Of The Valley' Ewe

     Born: May 17th
     For Sale - $325

Lily and her ewe lamb

    'WFM Silvestri' x 'Latte' Twins

     Born: May 13th

     Lamb#1 - Ram (wether)

      For Sale - $175

     Lamb#2 - Ewe

      Staying @ Sunbonnet Farm

    'WFM Silvestri' x 'June' Twins

     Born: May 29th

      Lamb#1 - Ewe

       For Sale - $325June's Twins

       Lamb#2 - Ram (Wether)

       Sold to Brandon

     'Dusty' x 'Blondie' Ram: 'Soot'

      Born: May 19th
      Staying @ Sunbonnet Farm