2023 Clun Forest Lambs   

    Updated: Jan 30th 2023

    New photos of the 2022 Ewe lambs we kept will now be posted on the 'The Sheep Flock/ Our Ewes' page. Coming Soon.

       Our 2023 lambs will be born in April & May. 
We will have lambs from all 5 of our rams this year and their mothers will be our top ewes.


     Photos of the lambs will be posted below when they are born.
     Email if you are interested in getting on our lamb waiting list: sunbonnetfarm@gmail.com

      2023 Lamb Prices Coming Soon

   Our past Lamb Crop pages - Photos of all our past lambs

(click the links below to see photos of our past lambs):     

Ewe and LambTwin Lambs


   WFM Stellar   Imported Register Purebred Clun Forest

        UTOPIA Hazelnut X WFM Evening Primrose               

   'Stellar' is a handsome and hardy ram, with nice wool. 

   His lambs have very nice wool and conformation. His daughters are excellent mothers.




  WFM Brahm   Imported Register Purebred Clun Forest

       DJL Ramesses X SHIBUI Lullaby

      Brahm is a very nice ram. He is very sweet, friendly, large, and has soft wool.
     His daughters have excellent conformation, nice fleeces and are great mothers.




   WFM Silvestri   Imported Registered Purebred Clun Forest

   Touchstone Rachmaninov x WFM Pastel

     Silvestri is a handsome young ram. He has excellent leg conformation and great chest and hip width. 

Silvestri's lambs are very nice looking, with stylish dark faces and ears.

    Silvestri's sire is from the top flock in the USA. He is descended from British, Dutch and American Clun bloodlines.



   WFM Aries  Imported Registered Purebred Clun Forest

   Touchstone Byzantium x SHIBUI Mrs Smit

    Aries is handsome and our largest ram. He has great conformation, from his stylish dark face to his excellent body length.  Aries is very friendly.

   Aries's lambs tend to have his stylish dark face and excellent conformation. They also have nice fine fleeces.

    Aries is from the top mainland genetics. His sire is from the top Clun flock in the USA. Aries is descended from British and American Clun bloodlines.