The Sheep Flock - Registered Clun Forest & Clun Cross Sheep

     We raise Clun Forest sheep for wool and grazing in our fruit orchards. All of our sheep are friendly, healthy and have names by the time they are 1 year old.
We are the only farm in the state of Hawaii raising registered Clun Forest sheep.
   We keep a flock of about 28 ewes and 5 rams. Four of the rams we have now are imported registered Clun Forest.
Most of our sheep are Clun Forest with a bit of Katahdin. We have 9 purebred Registered Cluns.

 We sell quality breeding stock, grazer/pet sheep, and woolens made from our sheep's wool. Visit the Lambs page, for photos and information on the 2019 lambs.

    We breed for healthy docile sheep that thrive in Hawaii's climate, have high quality spinning fleeces, are excellent mothers that raise fast growing lambs. Fleece color is also important to us.

Clun Forest are mostly raised for meat and wool, but they are also used as dairy sheep or crossed with other breeds to improve milking ability. Although are sheep are not raised for meat or milk, growth rate and milk production are important to us and our sheep would be great meat and milk sheep.

Flock History:
  We have been raising Clun Forest sheep for over 30 years. In 1985, we imported our first registered Clun Forest sheep from Oregon. We keep a closed flock for our flocks health, only bring in new sheep when we need new genetics.
In 2001 we borrowed a purebred Katahdin ram from the University of Hawaii at Hilo university farm and in 2016 we imported 4 registered Clun Forest lambs from Three Willows Ranch in Eugene, OR.
In 2019, we imported 3 more lambs from Three Willows Ranch, the lambs fathers' are from imported AI British genetics, from Touchstone Farm, in VA.
Our Clun Forest wool sheep.
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     Member of the NACFA ( North American Clun Forest Association)

    Clun Forest are a multipurpose heritage breed, they have many good qualities that make them excellent wool, milk and meat sheep.
Visit the North American Clun Forest Association website for more information on Clun Forest sheep.

      Here is a list of some Clun Forest qualities
  • Fine Wool
  • Rich Milk
  • Fast Growing
  • Easy Keepers (they do well on poor grass)
  • Calm temperaments & Easy to handle
  • Adaptable to all climates    
  • Good hooves - rarely need trimming
  • Longevity (living to 16+ years)
  • Ewes all most always have twin lambs
  • Ewes rarely need help when lambing
  • Strong mothering instinct - even as yearlings                                     

Young EweLambsewe lamb

  Our Rams

WFM Brahm

 WFM Brahm    Imported Registered Clun Forest

 Date of Birth:  03/18/2016 
 Flock ID: WFM-D103 
 Registration Number: 3D-00031
 Birth Type: Twin
DJL Ramesses
 Dam: SHIBUI Lullaby
 Full Pedigree

    Brahm is handsome, very large, has nice wool, and a super sweet and friendly temperament.

   Brahm is descended from the original Clun imports to North America. He is quite unrelated to Stellar.
WFM Stellar

   WFM Stellar     Imported Registered Clun Forest

 Date of birth: 03/09/2016 
 Flock ID: WFM-D004 
 Registration number: 3D-00032
 Birth Type: Twin
 Sire: UTOPIA Hazelnut
WFM Evening Primrose
Full Pedigree

      Stellar has very nice wool and is handsome. He has excellent resistants to internal parasites.

  Stellar is descended from Dutch AI rams, SAN 125 and TBV 071.

 2019 Imported Ram Lambs


  Date of birth: 02/06/2018
  Color: Black and tan
  Birth Type: Twin

  Sire: Fudge
  Birth Type: Twin
  Dam: Freesia
  Birth Type: Twin

   Dusty is a handsome yearling, with a lovely soft gray fleece.
He is from our original flock and is completely unrelated to our 2016 and 2019 imported Cluns.      
Photo of G217

    WFM Silvestri

   Date of Birth: 04/05/2019
   Birth Type: Twin
   Flock ID: WFM-G217
   Registration number: 3G-00032
   Sire: Touchstone Rachmaninov
   Dam: WFM Pastel 
   Full Pedigree

     This super handsome ram is descended from famous Brith Clun flocks, as well as the Dutch Clun rams SAN 125 and TBV 071.
His father, Touchstone Rachmaninov, was imported to Three Williows Ranch in OR, from Touchstone Cluns in VA.

WFM G217 is from some of the finest Clun flocks in the US, we are very excited to see how he matures and to see his lambs.

He is 3 months old in the photo.
Photo of WFM G305

    WFM Aries

 Date of Birth: 04/08/2019
 Birth Type: Twin
 Flock ID: WFM-G305
 Registration Number: 3G-00033
 Sire: Touchstone Byzantium
 Dam: SHIBUI Mrs. Smit
 Full Pedigree

     He is super sweet and has a lovely soft fleece, to go along with his good looks. 
His father, Touchstone Byzantium, was imported to Three Williows Ranch in OR, from Touchstone Cluns in VA.

    WFM G305 is descended from some of the finest Clun flocks in the US, we are very excited to see how he matures and to see his lambs.

  He is 3 months old in the photo.

   Our Ewes

     Registered Purebred Clun Forest Ewes

Photo of WFM Azalea

  WFM Azalea - Imported

 Date Of birth: 03/05/2016
 Flock ID: WFM-D002 
 Registration Number: 3D-00033
 Birth Type: Twin
 Sire: UTOPIA Hazelnut
 Dam: SHIBUI Y02
Full Pedigree    

Azalea is a excellent ewe. She is very hardy, friendly, and has lovely wool. She is an excellent mother and her lambs are very fast growing.
Azalea is our top ewe.
Photo of WFM Akala

   WFM Akala Berry - Imported

  Date of birth: 03/23/2016 
  Flock ID: WFM-D107 
  Registration number: 3D-00034
  Birth Type: Twin
  Sire: DJL Ramesses
  Dam: WFM Boysenberry
  Full Pedigree

     Akala is a beautiful little ewe. She has nice wool and excellent confirmation. 
SBF Princess Amaryllis

   SBF Princess Amaryllis

   Date of birth: 03/22/2018
   Birth Type: Single
   Flock ID: SBF-F001
   Registration number: 3F-00005
   Sire: WFM Brahm
   Dam: WFM Azalea
   Full Pedigree

     Amaryllis looks much like her mother, Azalea. She has a lovely soft fleece and is very friendly.

     Amaryllis is the first purebred Clun Forest lamb born on Sunbonnet Farm.
WFM G222

 2019 Imported Ewe Lamb

    WFM Filleta

   Date of Birth: 04/22/2019
   Birth Type: Twin
   Flock ID: WFM-G222
   Registration Number: 3G-00034
   Sire: Touchstone Rachmaninov
   Dam: Utopia Peggotty
   Full Pedigree

    She is the beautifulest little ewe, very friendly and a promising fleece, too.

   WFM G222 is descended from famous UK Clun Flocks, as well as the Dutch AI rams SAN 125 & TBV 071.
She is the cross of the best bloodlines in the Western US and the top genetics from Touchstone Cluns, in VA.

We have high hopes for this lovely ewe and look forward to seeing her lambs in 2021. 

  She is 2 1/2 months old, in the photo.

   Adult Ewes

    Our ewes are calm and friendly. We have 19 adult ewes, 7 are white, 4 are silver gray, 5 are brown, 1 dark gray, and 2 are black and white spotted. These ewes are mostly Clun Forest, with a tiny bit of Katahdin. They are the descendants of our original Clun Forest stock.
One of our ewes Fen. "Fen" 
    Mother: Sky II
    Born: November 27th 2012

    Fen has very nice large fleeces of soft white wool. Her lambs fleece weighted 3.6 pounds after it was washed, which is the biggest fleece I have weighted from 1 of our sheep.
   Fen is also very friendly, hardy and she is a good mother.

    Fen had healthy twins in March 2018.
Cocoa "Cocoa"    - For Sale
   Mother: Blazing Star
   Born: November 22nd 2012

   Cocoa is very large, prolific and has nice fleeces. She is a excellent mother.
  Cocoa is the mother of Latte, a 2016 ewe lamb.

   Cocoa had large healthy triplets in April 2019
Forest   "Forest"   Mother: Fluff
   Born: November 17th 2012

    Forest has very soft, wool that is very easy to spin and it makes very nice yarn.
     She is a very good mother and she has had 3 spotted ewe lambs and 1 black ewe lamb.  
Vanilla Chip

   "Vanilla Chip"

Father: Ram14
Mother: Chocolate Chip
Date of birth: May 21st 2014
Birth Type: Twin
Color: True white

  Vanilla Chip has very nice white wool. She was a very good mother and very milky.

  Vanilla Chip had twins in March 2018, a ewe and a ram.


Father: Ram14
Mother: Fen
Date of birth: May 24th 2014
Birth Type: Single
Color: Gray and white spotted

  May has the longest wool, biggest fleeces and is the friendliest 2014 ewes. She is a good mother with a nice large udder.

 May had a huge ewe lamb in March 2018.


 Mother: Forest
 Father: Veron
 Date of birth: February 27th 2015
 Birth Type: Twin
 Color: Black and white spotted
   Leaf is the friendliest of the 2015 ewes. She has very soft long wool.

  Leaf had big twin ewes in April 2019.


  Mother: Treat
  Father: MacNut
  Date of birth: April 19th 2015
  Birth Type: Twin
  Color: Black/Brown

   Challis has soft red brown wool. She is named for Challis. Idaho.

   Challis had a big healthy ewe lamb on June 1st 2018.


  Mother: Treat
  Father: MacNut
  Date of birth: April 19th 2015
  Birth Type: Twin
  Color: Black/Brown

   Her wool is longer than her sisters. She is named for Ellis, Idaho.

   Ellis had a big ewe lamb April 2019.


 Mother: Cocoa
 Father: MacNut
 Date Of Birth: May 1st 2016
 Birth Type: Twin

  Latte has very nice wool.

  Latte had twins in March 2019.

 "New Meadows"

  Mother: Fen
  Father: MacNut
  Date Of Birth: May 9th 2016
  Birth Type: Twin

   She is very pretty and has nice white wool.  She is named for New Meadows, Idaho.

  Meadow had a big ram lamb on March 31st 2018.

"Star Light"

  Mother: Blazing Star
  Father: MacNut
  Date Of Birth: May 10th 2016
  Birth Type: Single

  Star Light is a big pretty ewe with nice wool.

  She had big twin rams in March 2018.


  Father: WFM Stellar
  Mother: Leaf
  Date of birth: June 13th 2017
  Birth Type: Single

Lacy is large, super friendly and has lovely fine wool. Lacy is an excellent mother, with a big udder and great lambing ease.


  Father: WFM Brahm
  Mother: Fen
  Date of birth: June 16th 2017
  Birth Type: Twin

June is friendly and has a very large fleece. She is an excellent mother, with a big udder. She weaned the biggest twins, in 2019.

  2018 Yearling Ewes


  Fen x Fudge Ewe

  Father:  Fudge
  Mother: Fen
  Date of birth: March 6th 2018
  Birth Type: Twin

   Treat x WFM Brahm Ewe

    Father: WFM Brahm
    Mother: Treat
    Date of birth: March 25th 2018
    Birth Type: Twin
Java Chip

  "Java Chip"

Father: WFM Brahm
Mother: Vanilla Chip
Date of birth: March 28th 2018
Birth Type: Twin
Steller's Jay

  "Steller's Jay"

Father: WFM Stellar
Mother: May
Date of birth: March 27th 2018
Birth Type: Single


Father: WFM Brahm
Mother: Forest
Date of birth: May 30th 2018
Birth Type: Twin

  Challis x WFM Brahm Ewe

Father: WFM Brahm
Mother: Challis
Date of birth: June 1st 2018
Birth Type: Single