2015 Clun Forest Lambs  

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     We had 7 ewes lamb this year. There are 5 ewe lambs and 4 ram lamb.
     Treat, Freesia, Easter and Forest all have beautiful natural colored fleeces and Chocolate Chip, Fluff and Fen have nice white wool. 
     All of these ewes are healthy, hardy, and have good wool.  Chocolate Chip, Fen, Forest, Easter,Fluff and Treat have had lambs before and are great moms, Freesia is a great first time mother. The lambs were born in January - June 2015.

    Below are photos of the ewes, the rams they were bred to and their lambs.

    For new photos of the 2015 lambs will now be posted on the Sheep Flock page.

    Click here to see our 2014 lambs page.  
    Here are a few photos of last years lambs.  

 Treat's twins
Fancy's ewe lamb
  Fancy's ewe lamb
Photo of one of our new lambs. Treat's ewe lamb at 2 days

Treat and her twins.
Photo of our young brown ram
    Photoed at 1 year.


This the father of Treat & Fluff's lambs.
   His wool is very soft and is a beautiful color. Macnut has a nice friendly temperament. He is a twin and is 1 year old now.
  These are Macnut's first lambs. Treat's lambs are brown like him.

   His father is the brown ram that we sold.( The next ram photoed below)  
One of our ewesTreat


   Treat is our only brown ewe. She is large and has nice brown fleeces. Her wool is very soft and is easy to spin.

   Treat is a very good mother, last year she had healthy twins.

    Treat had healthy twin ewes on April 19th.  Both are black and tans, but at 10 weeks old they are now dark brown. We will probably be keeping both of them.     

Treat's first born ewe lamb
 Above: 3 1/2 weeks old. Middle: 7 weeks old.
  Right: 7 months

Treat's 1st born ewe: Challis

Treat lambTreat's 1st born ewe lamb

Treat's 2nd born ewe lamb
  Above: Photoed at 3 1/2 weeks. Middle: 7 weeks old.

Treat's 2nd born ewe: Ellis

Treat's 2nd born lamb

Treat's 2nd born lamb
Above: 7 months old

  Treat's 2nd born has grown in to a beautiful young ewe.



  Fluff has nice white wool and is a good mother. She is the mother of Misty, Meadow and Forest.

  Fluff's had 1 white ram lamb on June 18th 2015. Name: CocoaFoot



CocoaFoot is friendly and has very soft wool. We are keeping him as a wool pet.

In both pictures CocoaFoot is 4 months old.


Brown ram
       BrownRam (sold)

   This is the father of Freesia's ewe lamb. He is also the father of Macnut, our young brown ram.
   He had 5 nice lambs last year, click here for photos of them.



            Freesia has very soft, very, light gray wool and is a nice sized ewe.  Easter is Freesia's mother.

   Freesia had 1 ewe lamb on January 31st. This is her first lamb.
Freesia's ewe at 2 weeks old
  Freesia's ewe lamb at 2 weeks old.
Freesia's ewe lamb
   Above: 5 months old.
Freesia's ewe lamb

      Freesia's Ewe Lamb: Filaree

       Freesia's ewe lamb is friendly and has soft, long wool.  We will be keeping her.
Freesia's lamb

Freesia with her lamb
     Freesia with her ewe lamb. Photoed on May 5th 2015.   In both photos above she is 3 month and 1 week old.

Left: Freesia's lamb at 10 months old.
The father of Forest's twins

    This is the father of Forest lambs. He is the son of Fancy and the Brown Ram.  He is a twin and has nice soft wool.

  Photoed at 5 months old(Sold).
A photo of Forest.


  Forest has soft, very dark wool and it is easy to spin. She is friendly and hardy. Forest is Meadows twin.

Forest and her ewe lamb
   Here is a photo of Forest and her lamb from 2014.

   Forest had healthy, spotted twin ewes on February 27th. Both are black and white spotted and have soft wool.

      Forest Twin Ewe Lambs: Leaf & Blossom

   Leaf & Blossom are very friendly and both have long, very soft wool.   We will be keeping both of them until they are at lest 1 year old.
   Below: Leaf at 11 weeks old
Forest 1st born ewe lamb Forest 1st born ewe lamb
Above: Leaf at 3 1/2 months old.
   Below: Blossom & Leaf at 11 weeks old. Forest's Twin Ewes
Forest 2nd born ewe lamb
Above: Blossom at 3 1/2 months old. 
Photo of the ram.
   This is the father of the white ewes' lambs. He is a nice large ram and has a very good temperament. He makes large fleeces of soft sliver/white wool, that is easy to spin.

   He is a twin and his mother is Blazing Star.

   He father 3 nice daughters last year. For photos of his 2014 lambs click here.
A photo of Chocolate Chip.

          Chocolate Chip

    Chocolate Chip has shiny, very white wool, that is easy to spin.
    She has a nice calm temperament. Chocolate Chip is a very good mother and enjoys sleeping with her lambs.  Chocolate Chip had twin ewes in May 2014. Both lambs have nice wool.

   Chocolate Chip had 1 ram lamb on April 22nd. He is a big boy and has soft, white wool.
Chocolate Chip's ram lamb
Chocolate Chip's ram lamb
  Photoed above at 3 weeks old.

Chocolate Chip's Ram Lamb

  Rest in Peace, little one.


Below: Chip's ram at 7 weeks old.

Chip's ram
A photo of Fen.
Fen and her lamb
Fen's ewe lamb from 2014 photoed at 6 weeks old.


   Fen has very nice, white wool. Her first fleece weighed 3.6 pounds after it was washed, which is a large fleece for a lamb. Fen is very friendly.
   Fen is Fern's twin sister and her mother is Sky II.

   Fen had 1 ewe lamb in May 2015. She is a good mother and her lamb was healthy and grow fast.

    Fen had 1 ram lamb on April 19th. He is dark gray in color and is big and healthy.  This is the full brother to Fen's last lamb.

 Fen's Ram Lamb (Sold)

  The gray lamb to the right is Fen's boy.  Photoed below at 3 weeks. Sold to James & Jessie.Fen's ram lamb.
Fen's ram Fen's boy
  In both lower photos the ram lamb is 7 weeks old.


     Easter is a big ewe and has nice, big, fleeces of silver gray wool.
     She had twins ewe in 2011 and was a very good mother.
    Easter had big, twin ram lambs on February 7th. Sadly the 2nd born lamb was stillborn. 
    She was a very good mother to her ram lamb.
Easter's ram
   Photoed at 2 weeks old. The photo to the right is of Easter's son with Freesia's ewe lamb.

     Easter's Son (Sold)

   He is a a nice big lamb and is very healthy. He has nice wool. Sold to Mark.
Easter and Freesia's Lambs