2017 Clun Forest Lambs   

     All the 2017 lambs have gone to their new homes, except the 4 ewe lambs that are staying @ Sunbonnet Farm.
In 2017 we had a total of 14 lambs. The main lamb crop of 10 lambs, was born in June. Seven  rams and 3 ewes.
They are the first lambs from our imported registered Clun Forest rams. All the lambs are high quality and very Clun Forest looking. We are very excited to see them grow up.
We also had 4 early born lambs, fathered by MacNut. We kept 1 of the early lambs, a ewe "Dreamer".   

  Below are photos and information on the lambs, and their parents.

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Cute lamb


     WFM Stellar   Imported Register Purebred Clun Forest

        UTOPIA Hazelnut X WFM Evening Primrose     

Stellar is a handsome young ram, with nice wool. These are his first lambs.

   Steller's Ewes



     Mother: Sky II

     Easter is one of our best ewes, she is large, has nice big fleeces of silver gray wool and she is an excellent mother. She has a large udder and gives lots of milk, so her lambs grow very fast. She has now lambed 4 times and has twined every time.

    Easter had large twin rams on June 8th 2017. Easter lambed with out help and both lambs are very lively and healthy.  They are both very nice looking lambs.

   Both lambs are for sale, they are high quality breeding ram prospects.

   Pintel and Ragetti are shown at 16 days old.


    Easter's Ram#1: Pintel

     Sold to Gary

   Pintel is very handsome and has lovely wool. He is a very nice breeding ram prospect.


    Easter's Ram#2:  Ragetti

       Sold to John

Ragetti is a big and handsome lamb with very nice wool.



  Veron X Forest   

   Leaf is one of our friendliest ewes. She is also very large and has long soft wool. 

  Leaf had a large single ewe on June 13th. This is Leaf's 1st lamb and she is a good mother. Her lamb is healthy and lively. 
Leaf's lamb

   Leaf's Lamb: Lacy

     She is staying @ Sunbonnet Farm 

She is a beautiful and healthy lamb.

Leaf's lamb
Sun Beam, one of our ewes


   BrownRam X Fancy     

   Sunbeam is a pretty ewe and she has nice wool.

    Sunbeam had a huge single ram lamb on June 11th. His birth weight was 13.8 lb.  This was her first time to lamb and she is a good mother.

    Sunbeam is named for Sunbeam, Idaho, so we decided to name her lamb after a Idaho place name too.


    Sunbeam's Wether Lamb: Cottonwood

        Sold to Carol   

Cottonwood is going to be a pet/grazer. He is a very nice lamb, big, healthy and well built. He is named for Cottonwood, Idaho.

    Cottonwood is 13 days old in the photo.


  MacNut X Treat   Challis has beautiful dark brown wool.

   Challis had big twin rams on June 3rd 2017.  This was Challis's first time to lamb, and she did a great job. The lambs were born in the night, without any help. They nursed on their own and are doing very well.

   We decided to name Challis's lambs after mainland places. So we named the lambs Troy and Eugene. Troy for Troy, ID and Eugene for Eugene, OR.

   Both Lambs are for sale, they will be great breeding rams.  Troy and Eugene both have very fine wool and nice confirmation.

    Troy and Eugene are shown at 11 days old.


   Challis's Ram#1: Troy

    Sold to Nick

  Troy has nice wool and great conformation.

   Challis's Ram#2: Eugene

     Sold to Cara

  Eugene has lovely soft long wool and nice conformation.

  WFM Brahm   Imported Register Purebred Clun Forest

       DJL Ramesses X SHIBUI Lullaby

      Brahm is a very nice young ram. He is very sweet, friendly and has soft wool.  Both Brahm's parents were large, so we expect he will be too, when he is full grown.

      Brahm's Ewes



  Mother: Easter    
     Freesia has very soft fine wool, which makes lovely yarn. She is a easy keeper and a good mother.

      Freesia had twins on June 4th, a ewe and a ram. Both lambs are big, lively and very Clun looking.  They are Brahm's first lambs.
  Freesia lambed without any human help and the lambs nurse on their own. This was Freesia's 3rd time to lamb.

   In the photos on the left, Freesia's twins are 10 days old. On the right, they are newborn.
Ewe lamb

    Freesia's Ewe Lamb:

       Name Pending      She is staying @ Sunbonnet Farm
She has very soft short curly wool. 
Ewe lamb
Ram lamb

    Freesia's Wether Lamb: Foxglove

      Sold to Paula
  He has fine soft wool. He is going to be pet/grazer.

Ram lamb
A photo of Fen.


     Mother: Sky II        
    Fen is a easy keeper and very friendly. She has very large fleeces of white wool. Fen is a great mother and her lambs grow quickly.

   Fen had healthy cute twins on June 16th, a ewe and a ram. Fen has lambed 4 times now, every time without any assistance.

  The lambs are 8 days old in the photos.


    Fen's Ewe Lamb: June

   She is staying @ Sunbonnet Farm

She is a cute little ewe with nice coloring.


    Fen's Ram Lamb: Fennel

       Sold to Nick

He is a handsome lamb with nice coloring and wool.

  2017 Early Lamb Crop

Photo of our young brown ram


    MacNut has beautiful dark brown/black wool which is soft and easy to spin. He has a nice friendly temperament and is easy to handle. 

   MacNut is the father of all the early lambs.
Vanilla Chip

Vanilla Chip

       Ram14 X Chocolate Chip

     Vanilla Chip is a good sized ewe, is an excellent mother and she has a nice large udder. She also has a very nice fleece.

   Vanilla Chip had a large healthy ram lamb on March 6th 2017.
Vanilla Chip's ram lamb

Vanilla Chip's Ram Lamb: Forester  Sold To Erica & Ohana

   He is a very fat, playful and cutely marked lamb.
Vanilla Chip's lamb
A photo of Fen's ewe from 2014


      Ram14 X Fen

    May had the biggest lamb fleece of the 2014 ewe lambs. She is very friendly, a easy keeper and a very good wool sheep.

   May had spotted twin ewe lambs on February 28th 2017. They are both very healthy, big and cute. They both have very nice soft fleeces.

  Both ewe lambs were sold to Carol

May's 1st born lamb

May's 1st Born Ewe Lamb                   

May's 1st born ewe lamb
May's 2nd born lamb

May's 2nd Born Ewe Lamb

May's 2nd born lamb


    BrownRam X Freesia        

    Filaree is a very pretty ewe with very nice wool.

   Filaree had a healthy little ewe lamb on February 11th 2017.  The lamb was born very small, but she was very lively and strong. Filaree is a good mother and her lamb is now a big and healthy.

Filaree's Ewe Lamb: Dreamer 

   Dreamer is a beautiful little ewe. She has lovely soft wool and very nice conformation.  Dreamer is staying @ Sunbonnet Farm