2016 Clun Forest Lambs  

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      This year there were 16 lambs, 9 ewes and 7 rams. We selected 10 of our best ewes to be bred to our ram "Macnut", for the 2016 lambs and we were not disappointed. All of the lambs are big, healthy and beautiful. The lambs were born in early May 2016.
    We are keeping 6 ewe lambs and 1 ram lamb. All of the other lambs have gone to their new homes now.    
    Our goal is to breed for sheep with soft wool for spinning and weaving, that are strong
and healthy with good hooves, very good mothers with high milk production and fast growing lambs.
  2016 Lamb crop photos updates:
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  Photos of some of our past lambs.
Photo of a lambs.  Fancy's ewe lamb
Cute little lambs
    Three of this years lambs.
Photo of our young brown ram  


         BrownRam X Treat
   Macnut will be the father of all the 2016 lambs.
    Macnut has beautiful dark brown/black wool, which is soft and easy to spin. He has a nice friendly temperament and is easy to handle.        
Blazing Star

    Blazing Star

    Mother: Socks   

     Blazing Star is a good mother and has nice white wool. Her lambs grow quickly and when full grown are large and give large fleeces of good quality wool.  Blazing Star has had lambs 3 times before.

    Blazing Star had 1, ewe lamb on May 10th 2016. She is a very big and healthy lamb.

Blazing Star's lamb

   Blazing Star's Lamb:Star Light

   Name: Star LightPhoto of Blazing Stars ewe lamb
Blazed, tri color.  

      She is very large and has nice wool.

         Staying @ Sunbonnet Farm



   Mother: Blazing Star    

   Cocoa is probably our biggest ewe. She has large fleece of good wool and she is a very healthy ewe. 

     Cocoa had twin ewe lambs on May1st 2016. Both lambs are healthy and good sized. These are her first lambs and she is a very good mother.

Cocoa's frist born lamb   

     Cocoa's 1st Born Ewe Lamb

Cocoa's lamb  Color/Pattern: Brown & white, dark badger face.

   Sold to Cara     

    She is a very nice young ewe. At 10 weeks old she has lighted a lot from these photos.
Cocoa's 2nd born lamb

  Cocoa's 2nd Born Ewe Lamb: Latte

   Name: Latte
   Color/Pattern: Shaded Gray

   Latte has very soft wool.

   Staying @ Sunbonnet Farm


   Mother: Sky II
   Easter is a big ewe and has nice, big fleeces of silver gray wool. Easter is a very good mother and gives a lot of milk, so her lambs grow very fast. Easter has now had 3 sets of twins in 3 lambings.

   Easter had large, twins on May 7th 2016. Both are black and tans, a ewe and a ram. Easter's twins are some of the largest of the 2016 lambs.
Easter's ewe lamb

   Easter's Ewe Lamb

   Color/Pattern: Black and tan

  Sold to Jeanne & Mike
   She is a beautiful young ewe. She will probably look much like her mother when she is full grown.
Black and tan ram lamb

   Easter's Ram Lamb: Fudge

    Name: FudgeEaster's ram lamb
    Color/Pattern: Black and tan

   He has nice black wool and a very clam temperament.

Staying @ Sunbonnet Farm


  Mother: Easter    
     Freesia has very soft, fine, wool, which makes lovely yarn. She is a easy keeper and a good mother.

    Freesia had twins on May 4th 2016. A ewe and a ram, both are black and tans with white spots. Both lambs should have very nice wool. This was her 2nd time to have lambs.
Ram lamb

   Freesia's Ram Lamb

Freesia's ram lamb

Color/Pattern: Black tri with large white spots.
Sold to Elizabeth & Malani

Freesia's ram lamb has very soft wool.

Freesia's ewe

   Freesia's Ewe Lamb

  Color/Pattern: Black tri with small white markings on her sides.

Ewe lamb

  Sold to Elizabeth & Malani

   She is very Clun looking in build and wool type. Her wool is very soft.
A photo of Forest.


   Mother: Fluff

Forest is friendly and hardy. She has very soft, gray wool which is easy to spin. Forest has had lambs twice before this year and she is a very good mother.

   Forest had 1, black and tan, ewe lamb on May 12th 2016.  Forest's lamb is very large and strong.
Photo of Forest's ewe lamb

  Forest Ewe Lamb: Evergreen

   Name: Evergreen
   Color/Pattern: Black and tan, with a white spot on her head and white tail.  

     Evergreen is Forest's first not spotted lamb. She has very dark wool.

       Staying @ Sunbonnet Farm
A photo of Tree


    BrownRam x Forest  
    Tree is friendly and has nice, soft wool. This is Tree's first lamb.

    In this picture Tree had just been sheared.

     Tree had 1, large, ram lamb on May 2nd 2016. So far he is the biggest lamb this year.
Tree's lamb

  Tree's Ram Lamb: Ash  

Name: Ash ( named for the Ash tree)
Color/Pattern: Black & tan

    Sold to Cara
   Ash has very soft wool, which should be very nice for spinning. He is a very nicely built lamb.
Tree's ram
Cocolate Chip

     Chocolate Chip

    Chocolate Chip has shiny, very, white wool and it is easy to spin.
    She has a nice calm temperament and is a very good mother. She enjoys sleeping with her lambs. Chocolate Chip's lambs have very, soft wool.

     Chocolate had white, twins on May 1st 2016. Both lambs are good sized and have very white wool.
Chip's ewe

 Chocolate Chip's Ewe Lamb

Name: PendingChip's ewe
Color/Pattern: True white with brown spots  

  Staying @ Sunbonnet Farm
Chip's ram lamb

 Chocolate Chip's Ram Lamb 

Chip's ram

Color/Pattern: True white with black eye, ear and nose spots.

    Sold to Elizabeth & Malani

   He is one of the friendliest lambs this year. He has very nice wool.
Photo of Chocolate Chip's white lamb from 2014

     Vanilla Chip

     Chocolate Chip X Ram14  

     She has very nice wool.

    Vanilla Chip had twin rams on May 4th 2016. Both lambs are big and healthy. One is white and the other is very usually marked. These are her first lambs, she is a very good mother and she has lots of milk.
1st born ram lamb

 White Chip's 1st Born Ram Lamb 

Color/Pattern: Badger faced, white and brown.1st born lamb laying down

      Sold to Cara

  He is a very sweet and clam lamb.  
2nd born ram lamb

 White Chip's 2nd Born Ram Lamb

Name: Dodge 2nd born white ram lamb
Color/Pattern: True white with brown ears, eye and nose spots. Brown leg markings.

    Sold to Benji

   He has very soft, wool, which will be good for spinning.
   He is a very nicely built ram lamb, fat and healthy.

A photo of Fen.


     Mother: Sky II        
    Fen is a easy keeper and very friendly. She has very large fleeces of white wool. Fen is a good mother and her lambs grow quickly.

   Fen had twins on May 9th 2016. One ewe and 1 ram. Fen had her lambs early in the morning when no one was around. All of her lambs have been born without any help. This was her 3rd time to have lambs.
Fen's ewe

  Fen's Ewe Lamb: New Meadows

Name: New MeadowsFen's ewe
Color/Pattern: True white with dark face and legs. White strips on all of her legs.

  She is a very cute lamb with soft white wool.
  Staying @ Sunbonnet Farm
Fen's ram

  Fen's Ram Lamb: Glen

Name: GlenFen's ram
Color/Pattern: Black and tan with white hind foot, tail and spot on head.

    Sold to Jeanne & Mike

    Glen is a very nice young ram. He will probably either stay black or his wool will turn dark brown when he is older.       
A photo of Fen's ewe from 2014


       Fen X Ram14

    May had the biggest lamb fleece of the 2014 ewe lambs. She is very friendly, a easy keeper and she has nice wool.

   May had 1, ewe lamb on May 11th 2016. The lamb is big and healthy. This is her first lamb.
May's lamb "Spring"

  May's Lamb: Spring

Name: Spring Spring
Black with white hind feet, tail and spot on head.

   Spring is a very cute lamb. Her wool is soft and beginning to turn brown at 9 weeks old.

Staying @ Sunbonnet Farm