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 Wool Hats

   Our handmade woolens include: handwoven shawls, hooded shawls, ponchos, wool filled pillows, wool filled cushions with woven wool covers, wool filled pin cushions, wool filled soft patchwork balls and crocheted wool hats.  All of our hand made wool product are made from our sheep's wool and angora rabbit's wool.

  How we make our woolens.

    We hand shear our sheep once year, then we hand wash the wool in natural wool wash, so that the wool will keep its natural softness. Next we pick the wool and card it on our drum carder to make bats ready for spinning. If the wool is going to be used in pillows or cushions it will only be picked. Then we hand spin the bats on our spinning wheels and ply it to make a two ply yarn. The yarn then can be hand crocheted in to hats or handwoven on our triangular loom to make shawls, ponchos, hooded shawls, blankets, and cushion covers.

  For more information on how we make our hand made wool items, visit the Wool Processing page
Photo of our spinning wheel.


    100% hand made, handwoven, triangular, sheep wool and Angora bunny wool shawls. All of our shawls are made with 100% hand spun yarn, from our sheep and rabbits, that we spun on our spinning wheel. Some of our shawls are hand embroidered and sometimes we use other yarns for the embroidery.
   We have over 40 shawls available at this time in a variety of colors, sizes and wools. Here are some of the different types of shawls we have available. 
Angora & sheep wool shawls
   Most of our shawls are a mix of angora bunny wool and sheep wool, because of this mix these shawls are very soft, warm and light.
Hooded shawls 
   All of the hooded shawls we have now are angora and sheep wool mix. The hoods are made with angora around the edge so the soft angora part will touch your face.
100% sheep wool shawls  

   Soft, wool shawls made with wool from our sheep.
 Embroidered shawls
    We hand embroider some of our shawls, with sheep yarn, angora yarn and sometimes other materials. We embroider a
variety of designs on the shawls, including Hawaiian native plants, Hawaiian petroglyph, plants, roses, and cherry blossoms. 
 Shawls with alpaca fringe
   We make some of our shawls with alpaca wool fringe. Alpaca wool is softer than sheep wool, but not as soft as angora bunny wool. The body of the shawl could ether be 100% sheep wool or angora and sheep wool mix. The alpaca wool is from a friend's alpaca.
A photo of some of our handwoven shawls.

      Here is a list of some of our shawls:  click here.

        Prices start at around $150.00

Hooded Ponchos

   We have 1 wool and angora poncho available now. It is made with 100% natural grown in colors and is hand woven.
   Now on Esty

Hooded poncho

  Pillows & Cushions

    Natural wool filled bed pillows. The wool is from our wool sheep and the sheep design on the pillows is a hand made block print.
  The wool is washed in a natural wool wash and picked so it is nice and fluffy and so times carded.

  The covers our made out of 100% cotton fabric.

Available in 3 filling styles:

1) Quality picked wool: $50.00

2) Picked wool covered with wool bats: $55.00

3) 100% carded wool bats: $65.00

Photo of one of our wool filled bed pillows.

White bed pillow

Pillow with Hawaiian print pillow case

White bed pillow with Hawaiian
 print pillow case.
Wool filled pillow with strips.

Striped bed pillow
A photo of one of our small pillows.

Small pillows(Cushions)


   Square, handwoven, wool, blankets, made with 100% hand spun yarn. At this time we have 2 blanket available. These warm, natural colored, blankets our made with 100% sheep wool yarn from our sheep. Both blanket are 4 feet along each side. The colors are the natural color of the sheep's wool, no dyes. 

  The dark brown is from one of our sheep "Treat" and the black is lambs wool from one of our sheep " Forest".

     Information coming soon.
Hand woven, wool blanket.


   Hand made, wool filled cushions with handwoven wool covers.
   The woven wool covers are made with 100% hand spun yarn and have hand embroidered Hawaiian patterns on them, the embroidery is also wool and sometimes angora wool.
   The white
"Rainbow Man" design is angora rabbit yarn.

Cushion with handwoven wool cover. Wool filled cushion with woven wool cover with rainbow man petroglyph on it. Photo of wool filled cushion with woven wool embroidered cover. Turtle petroglyph pattern embroidered on cover. .
   Hawaiian Quilt Pattern  Price: $85.00    Hawaiian Petroglyph Rainbow Man Price: $75.00   Hawaiian Petroglyph turtle Price: $75.00

 Pin Cushions

    Hand made, wool filled, pin cushions with hard backs, so the pins will not go through and poke you. Because they are filled with wool the pins will not rust.
  The wool is from our Clun Forest sheep.
Made with velvet, silk, velveteen, corduroy, lace, buttons, silver & gold threads and wool felt. Some of the pin cushions have embroidered wool felt leaves. The embroidery was done by hand.

  Small are $9.00
  Large are $10.00
  Large w/embroidered leaves are $12.00
Photo of our hand made pin cushions.

  Available on Esty
Another photo of one of our pin cushions.

Wool Hats

 Hand crocheted wool hats, they are made with 100% hand spun yarn. We make hats with sheep wool, angora, alpaca and mixes of all three. We also make 100% angora baby hats.The alpaca wool is from a friend's alpaca.   We make two different styles of hats, they are pictured to the right.
Adult 100% sheep wool $35.00

Hand crocheted sheep wool hat with angora trim.
 Angora bunny and sheep wool hat ( the pearl gray on the trim is the angora) made with all natural colors. This hat is $50.00
100% angora baby hat, hand crocheted.
 100% angora wool baby hat, the colors are all  natural.