September - November 2017 Lamb Photos

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    Here are new photos of the 2017 lambs. The photos of the ewe lambs were taken on September 12. The photos of the ram lambs on the left were taken on November 3rd, the photos on the right were taken September 12th.

   The lambs are doing very well. They have very nice temperaments, and lovely wool.

  3 rams


     Troy   Sold

       WFM Stellar x Challis

Troy has a nice dark face and legs, soft wool and great conformation.Troy

     Eugene     For Sale

  WFM Stellar x ChallisEugene

  Eugene is a handsome ram lamb with soft wool.

Freesia's ewe

  Freesia's Ewe

    WFM Brahm x Freesia      Staying @ Sunbonnet Farm 

   She is a beautiful little ewe with super soft wool.  

    Ragetti      Sold

      WFM Stellar x Easter

    Ragetti is a big handsome lamb with excellent conformation and great wool.

     Pintel      For Sale

  WFM Stellar x EasterPintel

   Pintel is like his brother, an excellent ram prospect.



  WFM Stellar x Leaf     Staying @ Sunbonnet Farm

   Lacy is beautiful with a fine dark face and soft wool.

Fen's ewe


WFM Brahm x Fen   Staying @ Sunbonnet Farm

She has a nice dark face and long wool.

Fen's ram

  Fennel  Sold

 WFM Brahm x Fen

    He is a fine young ram with nice conformation and a friendly temperamentFen's ram.