Farm Classes

Have you ever wished you knew how to milk a cow, make cheese, churn your own butter, make icecream, build fences, set up and run a solar electric system, or shear a sheep? We can teach you! 

    We plan to offer farming and self sufficency classes to anyone who is interested. Individual classes can be arranged to fit your schedule.  Click on a photo for more information on the classes you are interested in.  
 Some of our classes are still being developed- Please check back for more information on our farm classes.
                                                                     Contact: 808-747- 4745
Milking Classes-Click hereClick here for fencing classesClick here for milk processing classesSolar electric-click here Sheep and wool crafts, click here.
Dairy Lessons              Farm Fences         Milk products               Solar electric               Sheep!

   Dairy Lessons- Learn the basics of cow care and handling, milking, and milk processing.

Leila milking Val. Owning your own milk cow is a major step towards self sufficency. A good cow will produce about 4 gallons of milk a day for over 18 years.
    In this hands-on class, you will get to milk and handle our cows. We will teach you how to start your family dairy, from milking and calf care, to making butter and cow health. Kids are welcome as long they are under parental supervision. Sturdy shoes reccomended.

    Building strong fences for your farm

A Euctalyptus board fence.       In this class, you will learn how to make sturdy high tensile, electric, and hogwire fences. You will also learn the basics of pasture management using the intensive grazing method.  This class is mostly hands on. Come prepared to work!

   This class is still under construction; however, if you are interested, let us know.

    How to turn fresh milk into a delicious variety of milk products.

Fresh milk      In this class we will teach you how to make a range of delicous milk products. Icecream, butter, cottage cheese, yogurt, feta, colby, cheddar, and some family specialties.                                                                   

   Learn how to set up a solar electric system and adjust your lifestyle to be more eco friendly.

Solar panels collect renewable energy at SunBonnet farm.     Our family has been living with solar electric for over 30 years.  Learn how to set up a solar panel and battery system and transition to clean, renewable energy.      

    This class is still under construction; however, if you are interested, let us know.

   From sheep shearing to weaving.

Sheep    Learn how to shear a sheep, process raw wool, spin and weave.  This class is taught by Leila, the flock expert, and Sharon, who took sheep shearing lessons in New Zealand.