Clun Forest Sheep For Sale

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               Updated: Nov 6th 2023

     We have a selection of quality breeding stock ewes and rams available, including; proven ewes, yearling rams, and 2023 ewe and ram lambs.
We also have several pet/grazer/wool sheep.

     All breeding stock sheep come with 3 generation pedigrees.

    Our sheep are dewormed as needed and are vaccinated for CD/T.  Most of our sheep have been docked.

    Package prices available when you buy 3+ sheep

   Note: 'WFM' at the beginning of a sheep's name means they are a registered Clun Forest from Three Willows Ranch in OR.  The prefix 'SBF' means the sheep is a registered Clun born on our farm.


Available 2023 Lambs

    Our lambs are out of our top ewes; selected for mothering & lambing ease, fleece quality and hardiness.
Their sires' are imported registered purebred Clun Forest.

    They are weaned and ready to go now.

Ram Lambs

Top quality breeding prospects -  $200 each (2 Available)

Twin Born - Excellent conformation - Fast Growing - Fine fleeces

WFM Aries x Rosetta Ram

                                 ( WFM Stellar x Roca )

    Price: $200
    Born: April 15th 2023

   Tall, stylish and super friendly young ram

Rosetta's Ram

     WFM Aries x Amber Ram

                                 ( WFM Stellar x Blondie )

    Price: $200
    Born: April 21th 2023

    A stocky young ram with excellent conformation and is very friendly.

Ewe Lambs

       WFM Silvestri x Lily Ewe

                                       (WFM Brahm x May)

    Price: $300
    Born: May 17th 2023

    Beautiful big ewe lamb with outstanding conformation.
The ewe lamb's mother, Lily, is a large ewe, a great mother and has a big udder.

   Lily's ewe is very unrelated to all of the rams we have available.

Wether Lambs

    Latte's Wether Lamb

    Price: $170
    Born: May 13th 2023

      Sweet and friendly lamb - excellent wool sheep and/or grazers.

      Wethers make great friends for rams or ewes, as well as being lovely wool sheep. Wethers tend to be sweet and mild mannered.

Yearling Rams   

  WFM Aries x Roca Ram

   Price: $225
   Born: May 24th 2022

    Friendly and handsome young ram with a soft fleece. Photoed at 1 year old.

    Roca is a lovely stylish big ewe. She is an excellent mother and quit hardy. She has lambed 3 times and had lovely twins every time.
Roca's father is 'WFM Brahm', our large, super sweet ram.

   WFM Aries is our largest ram. Aries is super handsome, has a nice fleece and excellent worm resistance. He is also very friendly and easy to handle.
Aries is a purebred Clun Forest from British bloodline, that we imported from Oregon.

Roca's Ram

    WFM Stellar x SBF Honeyberry Ram

   Price: $225 
   Born: May 24th 2022

      Stylish and very friendly young ram. He's easy to handle, eats treats from my hand and likes being petted some.  Photoed at 1 year old.

   Honeyberry's son is a purebred Clun. He can't be registered because he is a single, but he's a very nice young ram so we kept him intact.

   Honeyberry is a beautiful long bodied ewe. She's an excellent mother.

   Stellar is a large handsome ram and his lambs tend to have very fine fleeces. His daughters are excellent mothers with good conformation.

     Proven Ewes

   Top quality 3-6 year old ewes

  Excellent Mothers - Fine Fleeces - Great Parasite Resistance & Hardiness

   We are selling these lovely ewes because we have more ewes than we need and their daughters or close relatives. This is your chance to buy excellent proven breeding stock.

  Daughters of WFM Stellar and WFM Brahm available

   $225 - $300 each


Ewe and lamb


  WFM Brahm x Treat

    Born: March 25th 2018
    Birth Type: Twin


    Roca is an excellent mother, raising very nice twins every year. Roca has lovely stylish conformation and great parasite resistance.

    We have a lovely daughter of Roca's. She is very large, hardy and has a fine long-stapled fleece.

   Photoed at 4 years old

   Roca is very unrelated to Honeyberry's ram, Dusty and the 2 ram lambs.


   WFM Stellar x Leaf

   Born: June 13th 2017
   Birth Type: Single


   Lacy is an outstanding mother, has a lovely fine fleece and great parasite resistance.
Lacy has a lovely big udder and an impressive milk production. Her lambs are very fast growing.

  Lacy is very unrelated to Roca's yearling ram, Dusty and the 2 ram lambs.



      WFM Brahm x Fen

    Born: June 16th 2017
    Birth Type: Twin


    June is an excellent mother and overall a lovely big ewe. June has a perfect record of lambing 4 times unassisted and raising big healthy twins each time.  June has a slightly coarser long staple fleece. Five of her 8 lambs have had lovely fine fleeces and the other 3 had wool similar to June's.

   June is very unrelated to all the rams we have available.




    WFM Brahm x Leaf

   Born: April 8th 2019
   Birth Type: Twin


   Carmen is a beautiful ewe and quite friendly. She is a good mother.

   Carmen is quite unrelated to all the rams we have available.



   WFM Brahm x Lacy

   Born: April 21st 2020
   Birth Type: Twin


    Zuki is a lovely young ewe. She has great conformation, a fine fleece and is a good mother.

    Zuki is very unrelated to all the rams we have available.