Clun Forest Sheep For Sale

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     Friendly High Quality Ram Lambs

     We have 4 ram lambs for sale. Four months old, weaned and ready to go.

    All the lambs are twins, were born without assistance,
healthy, vaccinated, very tame and have excellent temperaments.
Their fathers' are our new imported registered purebred Clun Forest rams, WFM Brahm and WFM Stellar. Their mothers' are some of our top ewes.

   These lambs will be high quality breeding rams, for your wool, milk or meat flock. Ready to start breeding in a few months.

  High Quality Breeding Ram Prospects: $150 each


  WFM Stellar x Easter Twins: Pintel & Ragetti
    Born June 8th

   Pintel and Ragetti both have excellent confirmation, wool and are very big. Ragetti was the biggest ram lamb at 60 days, weighting 60 lbs. Pintel was only a little smaller. They are super nice ram lambs. 
   Pintel and Ragetti will be excellent rams for breeding in milking qualities, faster growth rates and/or high quality wool.

   Easter is a beautiful ewe, an excellent mother and has twin lambs every time.  She has a very large udder and all her lambs have been healthy, fat and very fast growing.

Top Right: Ragetti Sold
Lower Right: Pintel
They are 11 weeks old in the photos.


   WFM Stellar & Challis Twins: Troy & Eugene  
Born June 3rd  

    Troy and Eugene both have excellent confirmation and very soft wool. They were both about 60 lbs at 70 days old. Troy and Eugene are excellent rams for a multi-purpose, meat or wool flock.

   Challis is an excellent mother, these are her first lambs and they were born without any assistance, are fast growing and healthy. Challis has a nice soft fleece, is hardy and has good hooves.

  Troy and Eugene are 12 weeks old in the photos
 Upper Right: Eugene
 Lower Right: Troy

 WFM Brahm x Fen Ram Lamb: Fennel Born June 16th

    Fennel has nice dark legs and face, soft wool and excellent confirmation. He is also very friendly and calm. He is a very nice ram lamb and will be a very nice ram for you meat, wool or milking flock. He comes from lines of large and fast growing, super sweet  and gentle sheep.

     Fen is an excellent calm mother, she has lambed 4 times, all live births and all without assistance. She has large fleeces of good wool and is stocky and hardy.
 All her lambs have been fast growing, have nice wool and friendly docile temperaments.

  He is 10 weeks old in the photo, at the right.
Fen's lambs

   Adult Ewes

     We have several full grown ewes for sale. Email or Call for more information.
Toffee is one of the available ewes.


  Healthy 3 year old ewe, born May 1st 2014.

 She is friendly, has nice wool and good hooves.