Clun Forest Sheep For Sale

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     Young Ram


     "Cosmos"    $175.

   Cocoa x WFM Brahm Ram - 1/2 Imported Clun Forest
   Born: April 9th 2019
   Birth Type: Triplet

   Cosmos is very hardy, well built, tame and easy to handle.
 He is a great choice if you want to increase size and have a higher rate of twins and triplets, in your flock.
Cosmos was docked and is up-to-date on deworming and vaccinations.

  Cocoa is our biggest ewe and an excellent mother. She raise big healthy lambs and has great lambing ease. She also has a big udder.
Cocoa has lambed 3 times, she has had 2 sets of twins and this year, she had triplets. Cocoa is a very productive ewe.

   Cosmos is 5 1/2 months old in the photo.

  Adult Ewe

  "Cocoa"   $200.

   Cocoa is 7 years old, very large and an excellent mother.
Cocoa has excellent lambing ease, easily birthing very large lambs. She is very prolific, she has had all twins and triplets. She also has a very large udder.

   Cocoa has a nice large fleece. She does shed a little, after lambing. I would not expect her lambs to do this, if bred to a wool breed ram.

   Cocoa is mostly Clun Forest with a bit of Katahdin.


  Wooler/Grazer Sheep

  We have 1 pet quality ram lamb available.
   He has a very fine soft fleeces and is reasonably tame. He is 8 Months old.