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        2019 Lambs

    The 2019 lamb crop is here!  All of the lambs are sired by our imported registered Clun Forest rams, WFM Brahm and WFM Stellar. The lambs' mothers' are our top ewes.

     We have top quality ram prospects for sale. Ram lambs can be castrated for pets/grazers/ woolers.

     *** Only 4 Ram Lambs left***

All lambs have been docked and will be vaccinated with a CDT, before going to their new homes.

    Information and photos of the lambs' mothers, are available on the lambs page. As well as photos of the lambs at different ages.


  Ram Lambs: 1/2 Imported Clun: $175.    3/4 Imported Clun: $225.  
   Reserve a lamb(s) now, with a 50% deposit.
Ram Lamb

  Ram Lambs

 All these lambs, are excellent choices for your wool, meat or milk/dairy flock.

June x WFM Stellar Twin Rams - 3/4 Imported Clun Forest

   June's twin ram lambs are both very exceptional. They have excellent conformation, are large and very fast growing.

  June's father is WFM Brahm, so her lambs are 3/4 imported Clun. June is a big ewe and an excellent mother, with a big udder. She has excellent worm resistants.

   Both lambs are 8 weeks old in the photos.

     June's Ram#1 has a lovely promising fleeces, to go along with his lovely conformation. If I was keeping a ram lamb this year, he would be my pick.

   June's Ram#2 is much like his brother, except with a slightly coarser fleece and a darker and more open face. He is a lovely big ram lamb.

June Ram#1
June Ram#2

   Latte x WFM Brahm Ram - 1/2 Imported Clun Forest

   "Coffee II"

  Coffee is a twin and he has great conformation and wool. He is very friendly and likes being scratched on his neck and chest.

  Latte is gray, so Coffee should carry the gene for gray.

   Coffee is almost 8 weeks old in the photo.

Latte's ram

   Cocoa x WFM Brahm Ram - 1/2 Imported Clun Forest


   Cosmos is a triplet. He is very hardy and well built.
 He is a great choice if you want to increase size and have a higher rate of twins and triplets, in your flock.

  Cocoa is our biggest ewe and an excellent mother. She raise big healthy lambs and has great lambing ease. She also has a big udder.
Cocoa has lambed 3 times, she has had 2 sets of twins and this year, she had triplets. Cocoa is a very productive ewe.

   Cosmos is 6 1/2 weeks old in the photo.

Cocoa's ram

  Wether Lambs

   Either of the ram lambs, Cosmos or Coffee, could be neutered. They would be excellent wool sheep and grazers.

   At this time, we have no wether lambs available.


  Adult Sheep - Retired Ewes


     We have some nice retired and pet ewes available, to good homes. They all have nice wool and are friendly.

  These ewes are great wool sheep and grazers, not for breeding.

  Email for more information.


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