New June 2021 Lamb Photos

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     Here are new photos of the 2021 lambs. The photos were taken on June 15th & 16th.

   Available Lambs (up dated Aug 5th)
    1 Intact Rams  $250
  Filleta's Ewe

    WFM Brahm x Princess Twin Rams - Born Feb 11th

Princess Ram#1

    Ram#1: 'Martin'

    Sold - Intact Ram
   Nice ram lamb with a very fine fleece. 

   Ram#2: 'Fields'

   For Sale: $250 - Intact Ram
  Handsome ram lamb. He has great conformation and a lovely fleece.

  Dusty x Clara Twins - Born Feb 11th

Clara's Ram#1


   Sold - Wether
    Handsome wether lamb with a bright white fleece.

     Lamb#2: 'Zimmer'

     Sold - Wether

 WFM Aries x WFM Filleta Ewe Lamb - Born Feb 20th

 WFM Brahm x Fuchsia Twin Ewes - Born Feb 20th

Filleta's Ewe

    'SBF Eroica'

   Staying @ Sunbonnet Farm

    Beautiful young ewe
Fuchsia Ewe#2

    Ewe#2:  'Bre'



    WFM Stellar x Blondie Twins - Born Feb 23rd

Blondie's Ewe

   Ewe - Staying @ Sunbonnet Farm

   WFM Stellar x Roca Twin Ewes - Born Feb 24th

Roca Ewe#2


     Staying @ Sunbonnet Farm

   Dusty x Lacy Twin Ewes - Born Feb 28th

Lacy Ewe#1

      Ewe#1: 'Queen Anne'

   Staying @ Sunbonnet Farm
Lacy Ewe#2

   Ewe#2: 'Bella'


   WFM Aries x Flora Twin Rams - Born Feb 28th

Flora's wether lamb


       Sold - Wether

       Handsome little wether with a nice fleece.

 WFM Silvestri x Vanilla Chip Twins - Born March 3rd


   Ewe: 'StarChip 10'

   Staying @ Sunbonnet Farm

 WFM Silvestri x Latte Twin Rams - Born March 14th

Latte's Ram#1

   Ram#1 'Boost'

    Sold - Intact Ram

    Stylish with a super fine fleece
Latte's Ram#2


      Sold - Wether
   He is a cute little wether with a very fine fleece.