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We frequently have quality cattle available. Check back often for updates, or contact us to be put on a waiting list. Our cows are known for their exceptionally friendly temperaments because of the care and attention we give them. We care about our cows, so we are always willing to educate new buyers about cow care. If you have any questions, please contact us. If you are interested in one of our cows, we can arrange a time for you to come visit the farm.

Please Note: If you are new to dairy cows, we offer a 'Cow Basics' class to help prepare you for owning a dairy cow, and dealing with veterinary emergencies. If interested, please contact us.

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          Dairy Cows


Darling Pregnant Milk/ Brood Cow

Breeding: 1/2 Angus, 17/64 Jersey, 15/64 Brown Swiss
Dam: Chocolate
Sire: Sunbutter
Maternal Grandmother: Ami
Paternal Grandmother: Maple
Paternal Grandfather: Donny

For sale, trained milk cow, Darling.
Darling is productive and a great mother, and is a very healthy and hardy cow. She has had six calves.

Darling is pregnant with her seventh calf. The calf will be born in March 2018. The calf's father is a Jersey Brown Swiss bull.

Darling has a lot of attitude and is not a cow for beginners. We will only sell her to someone with dairy cow experience, or as a brood cow.


          Dairy Heifers

Limu, Promising Dairy Heifer                                

Breeding:7/8ths Jersey Brown Swiss, 1/16th Holstein, and 1/16th Angus.
Dam: Makali'i
Sire: Taurus
Maternal Grandmother: Elsie
Maternal Grandfather: Stones
Paternal Grandfather: Homer
Paternal Grandmother: Kiparoo
Birthdate: January 11 2017

Limu is a lovely young heifer with excellent milking potential. Her mother, Makali'i, is a easy to milk, steady, and high producing cow. Limu's older sister, Iliahi is also calm and easy to milk, so we expect  Limu to take after her mother and sister.

Limu has nice conformation and has been dehorned. She is weaned and ready to go now.


        Bull Calves

Blue Collar
Red collar
Maple X Taurus Twin Bulls!                                      

Born: June 2017
Breeding: Jersey and Brown Swiss (No Angus)
Mother: Maple
Father: Taurus
Maternal Grandmother: Ami
Maternal Grandfather: Goody Boy
Paternal Grandfather: Homer
Paternal Grandmother: Kiparoo

   These adorable babies are the first twin calves born at Sunbonnet Farm! Both calves are bulls. They are very close to being identical, but the calf with the red collar is lighter colored than his brother, and he is  tamer.

The twin's mother, Maple, is an excellent milk cow, so if you are looking for a good dairy bull, one of these guys may be the bull for you.

Price: $375.00

Only one of the twins is still available

We will have more calves born later in 2017 and early 2018.

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